8-bit Memoirs info page

This is the info- and future main download site of my project 8-bit Memoirs.

Current status (2017-09-11):

The project in currently being betatested.

Looks like it will be released December 2017.

What is 8-bit Memoirs?

In short, 8-bit Memoirs is a collection of stories I remember from my childhood, about the gaming consoles and computers I experienced back then. I.e. stories from the 80s and early 90s.
All wrapped in a diskmag-like GUI, and running on Blu-ray players. It includes over 60 stories (corresponding to about 250 pages of text) with supplemental screenshots, illustrations and videos. Background music by various artists of IndieGameMusic.com. You can either download the ISO and play it with a software media-player like VLC or PowerDVD, or you can burn the ISO onto a disc and play it in your hardware Blu-ray player.

The project has been under development since 2012. The plan is to release it in December 2017, and it looks like that'll actually happen. \o/

YouTube preview

Who is making this?

Roald Strauss (me) has authored all the stories and coded the engine. A lot of other people has contributed too, with background music, illustrations, themes and videos. I'll compile a full list of credits later.

This page will be updated as the project progress, and when complete this page will become the main download-site too.